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Welcome to our clinic, a premier destination for dental braces in Mira Road. We specialize in providing comprehensive orthodontic care, designed to enhance your smile and oral health. Our team’s expertise and advanced dental solutions are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Understanding Dental Braces

Dental braces are essential for correcting teeth misalignment and improving bite issues. Our clinic offers a variety of braces, including traditional metal, ceramic, lingual, and Invisalign, ensuring you have access to the best options for your dental goals.

Our Expertise in Dental Braces

With a team of highly qualified dental professionals, our clinic excels in providing personalized and effective orthodontic care. We focus on customized treatments, ensuring that each patient receives the most suitable braces for their dental structure and lifestyle.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology in orthodontics. This advanced technology aids in precise treatment planning and enhances the overall braces fitting and treatment process.

A Comfortable and Supportive Environment

We understand the significance of a comforting atmosphere during dental treatments. Our clinic offers a welcoming environment with a team committed to providing supportive care throughout your orthodontic journey.

The Process of Getting Braces

The journey to getting braces at our clinic involves several key steps:

  • Initial Consultation: A thorough assessment to discuss your dental needs and goals.
  • Customized Treatment Plan: Development of a treatment plan tailored to your specific dental structure.
  • Braces Fitting: Precise and careful fitting of braces, ensuring comfort and effectiveness.
  • Regular Follow-Ups: Scheduled visits for progress monitoring and adjustments.
  • Final Removal and Aftercare: Removal of braces upon completion of treatment, followed by comprehensive aftercare guidelines.             


Customized Treatment Plans

We believe in the uniqueness of every individual’s dental needs. Our customized treatment plans are designed to not only straighten teeth but also to enhance your overall facial aesthetics.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

Our team provides continuous support and guidance throughout the treatment. We ensure you are well-informed about the care and maintenance required with braces.

Why Choose Us for Dental Braces

Our clinic stands out for several reasons:

  • Expertise and experience in orthodontics.
  • A patient-centric approach to care.
  • Utilization of advanced orthodontic technology.
  • Proven success stories from our patients.
  • Affordable care with flexible financing options.


Patient Testimonials

Our satisfied patients are our biggest advocates. Hear their stories and experiences with our dental braces services, showcasing our commitment to exceptional orthodontic care.

Affordability and Financing

We offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options, including EMI plans, to ensure our services are accessible to everyone.


Our clinic is dedicated to providing the highest standard of orthodontic care. We invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation to explore how our dental braces services can transform your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of FAQs to provide you with more information about our braces services. These cover various aspects of treatment, from duration to maintenance tips.

FAQs About Dental Braces

  • What types of braces are available?
    • We offer various types including traditional metal, ceramic, lingual braces, and Invisalign. Each type caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring personalized care.
  • How long does the braces treatment last?
    • The duration varies depending on individual cases, typically ranging from 18 months to 3 years. Regular check-ups are essential for monitoring progress.
  • Are dental braces painful?
    • Some discomfort is normal initially, but modern braces are designed for comfort. Any discomfort usually subsides after the initial adjustment period.
  • How often do I need to visit the dentist during treatment?
    • Regular visits every 4-6 weeks are necessary for adjustments and to monitor progress, ensuring the best outcome.
  • Can I eat normally with braces?
    • While wearing braces, it’s advised to avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods that could damage the braces. We provide detailed dietary guidelines.
  • How much do braces cost?
    • The cost varies based on the type of braces and treatment complexity. We offer transparent pricing and flexible financing options to suit your budget.
  • Are braces suitable for adults?
    • Absolutely, braces are effective for patients of all ages. Adult braces are increasingly popular, with options like Invisalign being particularly appealing.
  • How do I maintain oral hygiene with braces?
    • Good oral hygiene is crucial. We recommend specific brushing and flossing techniques for braces and may suggest additional cleaning aids.
  • What happens after braces are removed?
    • Post-braces, retainers are typically used to maintain teeth alignment. We provide customized retainers and follow-up care instructions.
  • Can I schedule a consultation for braces?
    • Yes, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and evaluate the best orthodontic options for you.

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